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Kurt Cobain

image © 1994 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Many professional photographers have tried to capture the genius, the madness or the despair of Cobain. They photographed him posing with a gun, in a wheelchair, with oversized fashionable sunglasses and, more humanely, just slouching on a sofa playing his Fender guitar. They also pictured [...]

Ejector Seat (festival)

image © 2010 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano The paper fanzine Uzine used to celebrate the birth of other fanzines, promote records from independent labels and unsigned bands, as well as radio programmes with a social mission. As such, the ‘home-made’ propaganda machine was promoting similar alternative tools of communication and contributing to [...]

Bertrand Cantat

image © 1993 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Bertrand Cantat was the lead singer of Noir Désir, one of the most successful French rock bands since the end of the 1980s, with a career that would be spanning nearly two decades. I interviewed Mr Cantat at the height of the band’s career in [...]

Photo/ Music/ Text (exhibition)

photo © 1993 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano poster designed by Steve Lannin A collection celebrating twenty years of photography by Aline Giordano for the fanzine Uzinemusic was exhibited in Southampton (UK) at the Bargate Monument Gallery: 01/04/2011 – 01/05/2011 Opening on 1st April 2011 the exhibition brought to Southampton’s Bargate Monument Gallery [...]

The Silent Majority

image © 2009 Aline Giordano text © 2012 Aline Giordano I have photographed celebrities like Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Bertrand Cantat, Robert Smith and Jarvis Cocker. Yet, I also very much enjoy focussing on less well-known artists and bands. This is a political choice because those artists – those located at the edge of history [...]


image © 2006 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Mark Linkous died on 6th March 2010. He shot himself in the heart. He knew Vic Chesnutt. When I look at Mark Linkous’ photograph I see the ‘primitive theatre’ to which Barthes (1980: 32) alludes and the ‘tableau vivant, a figuration of the motionless and [...]

The Sadies

image © 2010 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Most zinesters would rally behind Jeff Rian’s ideas (1999) that artist photographers are interested in the ‘fringes’, those places ‘at the edge of history’. While Rian made this comment about fashion photography it can be easily extrapolated to concert photography. Popular music suffers its waves [...]

Vic Chesnutt

image © 2005 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano What is so special about a bloke in a wheelchair whose face is not even in focus? The photograph brings to mind Roland Barthes’ Winter Garden photograph of his mother (1980:73): ‘It only exists for me. For [most of you], it would be nothing but [...]

Courtney Love

image © 1993 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Photographs of celebrities in the magazines have been shot and styled as commodities for mass consumption. My photograph of Courtney Love could be viewed through that same distorting filter. People might just see, as in the title of her band’s third album, the ‘celebrity skin’ [...]

The Felice Brothers

image © 2010 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Michele Romero, photo editor at Entertainment Weekly, complained that ‘it’s harder to find that amazing shot’ (Lee 2007), given the many restrictions now imposed by artists’ publicists, which reduce the time allowed for photographers to shoot to seconds rather than minutes. In addition photographers may [...]