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‘King’s crossing’

image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2012 Aline Giordano As I am reading these words: ‘It was natural, therefore, to keep up appearances in the face of the reality of death by preserving flesh and bones’, the ferry boat rolls and the music of Elliott Smith rocks me gently; a little closer to France [...]

‘So Slow’

image © 2004 Aline Giordano   ‘So slow‘ by Sophia   I turn off the light but leave the television talking no, tonight I don’t want to be alone I try to close my eyes, but I’m afraid of the dark I see you everywhere I see you everywhere but death comes so slow when [...]

‘Something vague’

image © 2008 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano The first time I heard ‘Something vague’, I was overwhelmed by my own feelings which had been awakened by the stark story that Conor Oberst sings about, written and delivered in such a way that it could be autobiographical. I remembered climbing the stairs to [...]

‘Hard to be’

image © 2013 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano More than twenty years ago, when I was a student, I recorded three demo songs. I regularly listen to one of them, ‘merry christmas you are dead’, and I feel proud of myself. The guitar layers, all on overdrive and distorted to the maximum, sound [...]

Bertrand Cantat

image © 1993 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano Bertrand Cantat was the lead singer of Noir Désir, one of the most successful French rock bands since the end of the 1980s, with a career that would be spanning nearly two decades. I interviewed Mr Cantat at the height of the band’s career in [...]

Richard Buckner

image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano I had just found a safe place to drop my camera bag by the front of the stage when someone with a professional camera accosted me and told me not to take photographs of Richard Buckner. I could not tell from him whether this was [...]

Perfume Genius

image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano Those of us working in higher education know this proverb by Mahatma Gandhi well: ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ Today I am certainly living as if I were to die tomorrow. Tomorrow I am [...]

Le fanzine Uzine

image © 1994 Aline Giordano text © 2011 Aline Giordano The first issue of ‘le fanzine Uzine’ went up for sale in April 1991 in local record shops in France, price ten francs. The editorial welcome read: ‘You are holding in your hands, trembling with emotion, the first issue of Uzine. We had a lot [...]

10:15 Saturday Night

image © 2011 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano I love The Cure. In my teenage years, immersing myself in their music became a form of escapism. This shaped my identity at a time when I was trying to make that better place for myself, in an oppressive and constraining home that aspired to [...]