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‘King’s crossing’

image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2012 Aline Giordano As I am reading these words: ‘It was natural, therefore, to keep up appearances in the face of the reality of death by preserving flesh and bones’, the ferry boat rolls and the music of Elliott Smith rocks me gently; a little closer to France [...]


image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano The first time I noticed something was weird was when I used to put my judo kimono on. I must have been seven or eight years old. I would go to my bedroom and put on the kimono trousers. I would slip on the heavy [...]

‘Right where it belongs’

  image © 2005 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano When I die I want to be burned. I want my ashes scattered in the sea off Korea, where I was born. I remember the trail of thoughts behind this decision very clearly. I thought: I was born in South Korea; abandoned when I [...]


text © 2013 Aline Giordano When I was a student and regularly travelling back and forth between England and France I used to get questioned a lot by customs officers. My Korean genes alone were enough to raise suspicion it seemed. I got used to it. It never made it ok but I just got [...]


image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano The culture of transnationally-adopted Koreans has most often been (re)presented thus far through affecting ethnographic investigations. The recurrence and concurrence of these ethnographies have strengthened the voice of those individuals given for adoption to other nations. Yet these studies typically focus on the adopted Korean [...]