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‘With all my heart’

image ©  2012 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano The photos… the photos… She had ripped them apart to remove my mother and me. She didn’t even take scissors to cut us off. She just tore the paper. Was it in a fit of rage, or did she do it calmly, realising that she [...]

‘King’s crossing’

image © 2012 Aline Giordano text © 2012 Aline Giordano As I am reading these words: ‘It was natural, therefore, to keep up appearances in the face of the reality of death by preserving flesh and bones’, the ferry boat rolls and the music of Elliott Smith rocks me gently; a little closer to France [...]

‘One hundred years’

image © 1989 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano The so-called groundbreaking typology of suicide devised by Emile Durkheim; I doubt it would have given mother much consolation after my brother killed himself, aged 21. I attempted to read Durkheim’s monograph, ‘Suicide’ then. I had to give it up. It didn’t add up. All [...]

‘Ici Paris’

image © 1993 Aline Giordano text © 2013 Aline Giordano ‘chacun pour soi tous pour les sous solidaires, ici Paris, épargne moi, ici Paris’ (Cantat, 1992) As I was going through customs control, one officer started asking me questions. The first question (a regular in my case) was, ‘are you French?’. They usually say this, [...]